Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts About The Mind

Why can't we think for ourselves?

we were given minds so that we can process information no matter how simplistic. let's start at the beginning. we first had to think about how to survive.where exactly does our intelligence come from? We don't always think so far back, huh? only the brave dare to wonder what else is out there. we are too afraid to accept reality.

Reality? What reality?

well, that no one is for sure about where everything came from. 

All that everything started from nothing stuff is crap. all matter needs a beginning, right? but anyways, that's a different topic, for a later date. 

So intelligence. its a big thing. some have more than others. i, have more than you, you have more than your school mates. you're just not ready to go to deep, so ill save the rest for  a later date. cliffhangers? 

expect that.

maybe it will help you.

i leave you with the hourly question. Why do you think common sense is so rare?

I'll answer you later.

Sincerely, Intel

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