Monday, September 24, 2012


Well it's 7:38 am and I'm heading to school on the bus. Not much going on right now... Just wondering.

Why do people hate me?

And with an attachment to that, I wonder, why must they hide it?

Fake people make me upset, and it's not okay to make me mad. Because I'll call you out in a heartbeat.

So, I've concluded that people hate me because I'm bold. I'm not afraid to say anything, and people don't know how to handle that. They say say something quietly, hoping no one hears. Then I come along not giving a crap. So I've decided.

I'm not changing for anybody.

Wants stand me? Take a seat.

Take my advice, it might save your life.

Sincerely, Intel

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts About The Mind

Why can't we think for ourselves?

we were given minds so that we can process information no matter how simplistic. let's start at the beginning. we first had to think about how to survive.where exactly does our intelligence come from? We don't always think so far back, huh? only the brave dare to wonder what else is out there. we are too afraid to accept reality.

Reality? What reality?

well, that no one is for sure about where everything came from. 

All that everything started from nothing stuff is crap. all matter needs a beginning, right? but anyways, that's a different topic, for a later date. 

So intelligence. its a big thing. some have more than others. i, have more than you, you have more than your school mates. you're just not ready to go to deep, so ill save the rest for  a later date. cliffhangers? 

expect that.

maybe it will help you.

i leave you with the hourly question. Why do you think common sense is so rare?

I'll answer you later.

Sincerely, Intel

Who Said This Is New?

So I've always wondered what blogging was like. All these people saying how great they are. But are they really? When you're a junior at my school, you must make a blog. So, why not start early? Anyways, I really want my blog to not be about surface topics, such as fashion and technology. Yes those are interesting, but what if there is something out there that surpasses that? What if there really is a topic that makes you THINK? And i mean really think. I'm running this blog under an alias, because I want people to know that everyone has this special ability. I want to go deeper than logic. Let's make this possible.


Sincerely, Intel